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Training Costco, February 2021


Remote Trainer - trainees are in Glasgow, trainer is not ... 

Training via remote technology with a group of attendees all physically here together in-person in a Glasgow Training Centre (while trainer is somewhere else entirely).  The group facilitator talks naturally with the group, who all, without the use of headsets, comfortably interact with each other and their trainer.  Available at £295 + VAT per day, which includes in-room tea, coffee and biscuits. Like all our rooms, the group's training room features COVID-19 distancing and appropriate measures. Here however the trainer uses the room's two-way full duplex audio and/or display facilities to lead the class - usually via Teams, Zoom, or WebEx.

Event attendees can interact all-day with trainers who are working elsewhere - and the class can also be shown presentations, videos and guidance in a way that feels natural and unobtrusive. Classes are connected via our webcam equipped laptop PCs - along with an effective conference speaker and room microphone setup - working as an excellent replacement for any trainer actually needing to be in or travel to Glasgow. This means that through good use of technology, trainers can see all participants through individual webcams while hearing and discussing points with everyone in the group.  All enabled with the help of our echo-cancelling Jabra 810 Conference Speakers when added to individual cameras and the excellent bandwidth of a superfast 500MB-each-way internet connection

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As per all our bookings, onsite technical support is there if you need it.  There is no requirement for anyone coming to be technically-minded or experienced with computers.  These sessions are ideal for when tests or courses must be passed for certificates or licence qualification renewals courses, or when courses are for statutory requirements.  Through pre-discussion we can organise behind-the-scenes sharing of invites so that individuals can simply turn up on the day and enter their display name and join the meeting.  Neatly avoiding any potentially confidence-sapping setup, password or log-in issues.  We currently support and host these events for groups of up to ten event attendees. Each has their own large desk and adjustable chair and all are facing each other while being appropriately spaced apart.  Ask for dates availability.