Open under Tier 3 or 4 or lockdown for necessary professional events.
We can host meetings for essential industries and services where those cannot be realistically postponed. These must be work-related courses, meetings or exams and currently only permitted where people remain 2 metres or more apart and advised to wear face masks.
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COVID spacing - rooms temporarily 6 to 10 people plus facilitator
A spacious building geared for visitors means that we also have uncrowded access-ways and communal spaces. Everyone has individual large tables and sit at least 2 metres apart. Room capacities depend on layout. Facilities are expertly staffed, maintained and thoroughly sanitised.
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No cancellation charges should restriction levels change.
If government announcements mean your event can no longer happen - there will be no charge for unused days. No-charge cancellation period for any other reason is now also charged only if within five working days before start date.
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Welcome to Glasgow Training Rooms

Looking for a good place in Glasgow to host training courses, exams, meetings or video-conferencing?

Full-service training rooms and IT suites for hire - COVID-distanced with 2+ metre seating - based in a spacious, dedicated, professional and distinctive training venue located in Glasgow city centre. Training room hire within Glasgow Training Rooms means already having access to everything you need, carefully sanitised and ready to ensure your ideal session. 

"All facilities and support were excellent.  For COVID-19 the best I have experienced in the past year."  Paul Childs, Aid Training & Operations / Pret A Manger  June 2021

Owing to very careful pandemic measures our maximum room capacities for training events are temporarily either six attendees plus facilitator (we call this 6 + 1) for our medium sized rooms, or, in large sized rooms, groups of 8 or 9 + 1 maximum.  For exam-style these increase to 8 + 1 for medium size and 10 + 1 for large size rooms.  (In non-COVID times our larger size - each over 8m x 8m - rooms could have a maximum capacity of c. 24 +1). 

"Perfect for nine plus myself. Display TV was excellent. COVID-19 measures 5-star rating."   Martin Hastie, MTS.  Apr 2021

You are not though just hiring a room - any event is fully supported and signposted as your own.  Everything takes place within a professional venue with an in-house café plus three spacious communal seating areas.  Every attendee benefits from the attentions of an all-day team of co-ordinating, sanitisation and technical support people - who are there to provide on-site but subtle help with the smooth running of hosted events.

"Excellent Setup.  Convenient Location with plenty of space for all."   Giles Fox, training Police Scotland.   Feb 2019

Facilities include IT classrooms and exam rooms plus spacious training rooms that can be rented by the day (or by the week, by the month or any bespoke periods). Under current pandemic circumstances, rooms are generally configured classroom-style - with everyone facing and focusing on presenter and screen, or alternatively exam-style, with people facing away from each other.   Your room will also have a window that opens and provides fresh air. All rooms for hire have large-screen or projector-based presentation equipment and super-strong direct-to-internet connections, which are directly managed by us.   Smaller break-out rooms can be added to your bookings to allow splitting groups during the day, or for tests or exercises.

"Very good - great staff, equipment was superb and very professional."   Alistair Moore, SSVC.   Feb 2019

Every hire also has free use of a presentation or communications laptop.  Internet connections can be chosen to be either professional class Wi-Fi or wired ethernet if preferred.  Speakerphones can be setup on request and Zoom / Teams / Webex forms of videoconferencing can be reflected on our large screens and therefor viewable by all attendees - or alternatively hiring two rooms can allow for viewing of calls, depositions or evidence by a group in a separate room.   

"Proper training venue. Extremely well organised."  Michael Freeman, FQM Ltd    Jul 2016

We are a Glasgow company and for many years have provided services to large and small companies, public sector and charity organisations, along with training groups of many types. Our aim has always been to providing high-standard rooms which are intended to feel to all attendees just like your own well-equipped and staffed Glasgow facilities.

"Treated us like a colleague during our stay and not as a visitor."  Lekan Omodara, PCworths & Data Associates.   Nov 2018

Training Room Glasgow
Trainer View of an IT Suite

Training Rooms

Our training rooms are all well-furnished and fully-equipped with everything you need for a productive learning session. Rooms can accommodate 2 metre seated classes of up to 9 people, and on-hand staff are available to ensure your event runs as comfortably as possible.

Each room comes standard with:

  • Projector screen
  • Laptop for trainer
  • Flipchart & marker pens
  • Tea, tea, coffee & refreshments
  • Strong 500 MB Wi-Fi Hyperoptic internet connection

Computer Rooms

Our IT suites offer business-class computers perfect for use in software and internet training courses and PC based exams. Each computer is equipped with Windows, Microsoft Office, and super-fast Hyperoptic broadband. An IT specialist will always be on hand to help plus computers can be set up with your own software in advance if requested.

Each room comes standard with:

  • Projector or large display screen
  • Laptops for all delegates
  • Flipchart & marker pens
  • Tea, coffee & refreshments
  • 500 MB Hyperoptic internet connection - Wi-Fi or Ethernet
Tell us your requirements and we will customise a training room to fit your needs.

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